On Traveling Home

So I left Wednesday afternoon to fly home to Ohio. I had one connection in Atlanta. The first flight is a red eye and around 9 hours long. I get to my seat only to realize that I am in the aisle seat. Not a big deal, but I had requested window. It’s a bulkhead seat at an emergency exit. So I had all the leg room Shaq could ask for. The man in the seat next to me (the one I wanted) found out his seat doesn’t recline. It should, but it’s broken. Ha! I got a seat that DID recline. He changed seats and someone else sat there. She didn’t care about it not reclining, she just wanted to get home to her daughter.

Now I have a hard time sleeping on planes, so I just watched three movies the flight to Atlanta. None of them were all that great. In fact, one just sucked. Oh well. It was entertainment. We got served dinner about an hour into the flight. I had a very yummy chicken breast with green beans, a salad, a roll, and a cookies and cream brownie. The brownie was like Heaven on Earth. It was amazing. It was moist and chocolaty and everything! I almost asked if they had any extras cause I would be willing to take a few off their hands. About an hour left in our flight, we got breakfast. Nothing too special. Some yogurt, pears, and a granola bar.

Once in Atlanta, I grabbed some real breakfast (an egg mcmuffin) and some Starbucks tea. I sat down at my gate (which was 4 concourses away from where the plane landed) and ate. I then got up to go wash my face and brush my teeth. When I get back to my gate, I find out that my plane is going to be at a different gate. One concourse away. At this point, I already walked a mile. I walked to my new gate to find that it had been changed again. In the original concourse, just two gates over. Seriously? I walk back there and see that my flight isn’t on the screen. I ask the Delta personnel that was there where my flight was leaving from. Back in the other concourse I was just in. Oh goodness. So I walk BACK there and sure enough, there’s my flight on the board. Good thing this flight was going to be a first class flight.

I get on the plane and am enjoying the bottle of water you get for flying first class. First class fills up and pretty soon, I see a lady walking down the aisle with a flight attendant. The flight attendant asks a passenger a few rows back to see his ticket since he was in the lady’s seat. Sure enough, they had both been given the same seat assignment. The flight attendant decides to solve this by turning to the lady and saying, “he should just sit there since he’s black”. I couldn’t believe it! If I had been that lady I would have been upset! But what can you say to that? So the lady had to sit in coach since first class was full. Can you imagine paying for a first class ticket and having to sit coach?

But I got a Twix bar, so it wasn’t a horrible flight. Haha.


Thar She Blows!

Joel and I were able to see the Halona Blowhole with my family before they left and it was awesome. I’d heard about it, but never saw it. It was SO windy! I thought I was back in Toledo! I was literally blown off one of the steps to watch the blow hole!

This is where the video would be… But it’s in .avi and WordPress doesn’t like that. 😦 So here are a few pictures!

There Are No Diamonds At Diamond Head…

But there is a guy at the top who tries to sell you a certificate saying you made it to the top!

I climbed Diamond Head a while back with my family, the Landis’s and Joel. It was a very HOT hike, but so worth it in the end! The view and the breeze at the top were refreshing and breathtaking… Pictures just don’t do it justice. See for yourself!

A Not So Ordinary Adventure

Most people probably wouldn’t consider this a “real” adventure, but I do. I have been watching Michelle Phan on Youtube and I was being inspired! I decided I needed to change up my make-up routine. No need to stay stuck in a rut. I have also been having issues with my current skin care routine, so I decided to try the Acne Prone skin care line by Taylor Made Organics. I started today, so we’ll see how I like it!

As for the make-up, I decided to get bold and bought purple (!) liquid eyeliner! And I LOVE it! It is SO smooth and it’s not a “BAM IN YOUR FACE” purple. It’s more subdued and really brings out my green eyes! Plus, it’s way easier to apply than pencil. I don’t feel like I’m poking my eye out! Yay! I have also gotten brave and started wearing darker eye shadows for a “night” look. I’m still looking natural during the day, which is best, but I’m not afraid to put a little color on my face either! Some days, I like going with a shocking pink shadow that just peaks out on my lid. Yesterday, I did blue! And I don’t like blue! I’m no make-up artist, but I am looking better and am getting more confident in my make-up skills! Maybe one day, but it’s not a dream of mine. But I will do make-up for friends should they ever ask! And who knows… Maybe one day it will be a dream. And maybe I’ll get to put that black eyeliner on Johnny Depp… Not that I’d want that or anything… 😉

Just Another Day in Paradise

So it’s been a while since I moved to Hawai’i, and a lot has happened. So far though, my favorite thing has been spending time with my husband. We went to the Hawai’i State Fair a while ago, and it was fun. No where near as fun as the Pumpkin Show, and there was no booth with fries as good as Gentilles. But we had fun nonetheless. Joel rode the Zipper for the first time ever. We had a good run. We flipped about 18 times. Awesome. We also rode the ferris wheel with our friends Jamie and Jon. It was a fun night. The most memorable part was when we saw a girl who was probably in middle school picking a wedgie. It wasn’t just a “maybe no one will notice” stealth pick. No. It was a “it’s in there REAL good” pick. And she did it about 6 times while we stood in line for the Zipper. Oh goodness. That was hilarious.

Jon and Jamie and Joel and I on the ferris wheel. 🙂

Til next time (which will hopefully be sooner rather than later)!