Just Another Day in Paradise

So it’s been a while since I moved to Hawai’i, and a lot has happened. So far though, my favorite thing has been spending time with my husband. We went to the Hawai’i State Fair a while ago, and it was fun. No where near as fun as the Pumpkin Show, and there was no booth with fries as good as Gentilles. But we had fun nonetheless. Joel rode the Zipper for the first time ever. We had a good run. We flipped about 18 times. Awesome. We also rode the ferris wheel with our friends Jamie and Jon. It was a fun night. The most memorable part was when we saw a girl who was probably in middle school picking a wedgie. It wasn’t just a “maybe no one will notice” stealth pick. No. It was a “it’s in there REAL good” pick. And she did it about 6 times while we stood in line for the Zipper. Oh goodness. That was hilarious.

Jon and Jamie and Joel and I on the ferris wheel. 🙂

Til next time (which will hopefully be sooner rather than later)!


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