A Not So Ordinary Adventure

Most people probably wouldn’t consider this a “real” adventure, but I do. I have been watching Michelle Phan on Youtube and I was being inspired! I decided I needed to change up my make-up routine. No need to stay stuck in a rut. I have also been having issues with my current skin care routine, so I decided to try the Acne Prone skin care line by Taylor Made Organics. I started today, so we’ll see how I like it!

As for the make-up, I decided to get bold and bought purple (!) liquid eyeliner! And I LOVE it! It is SO smooth and it’s not a “BAM IN YOUR FACE” purple. It’s more subdued and really brings out my green eyes! Plus, it’s way easier to apply than pencil. I don’t feel like I’m poking my eye out! Yay! I have also gotten brave and started wearing darker eye shadows for a “night” look. I’m still looking natural during the day, which is best, but I’m not afraid to put a little color on my face either! Some days, I like going with a shocking pink shadow that just peaks out on my lid. Yesterday, I did blue! And I don’t like blue! I’m no make-up artist, but I am looking better and am getting more confident in my make-up skills! Maybe one day, but it’s not a dream of mine. But I will do make-up for friends should they ever ask! And who knows… Maybe one day it will be a dream. And maybe I’ll get to put that black eyeliner on Johnny Depp… Not that I’d want that or anything… 😉


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  1. Vionet-Edith Segarra
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 09:04:49

    It really is an adventure for you though. I know you well enough to know this and you’ve come a long way over the years. May you continue to enjoy your “Exp ‘Laura’ tion”s both make-up and otherwise. 🙂


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