I’ve heard it said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their resume. And to some degree, it’s true. You know where they live, what kind of email they have (and you can tell a LOT about a person by looking at their email name and server), the jobs they’ve had in the past, their achievements in school, and what they majored in. You might even find a list of skills or abilities. And of course you’ll more often than not, see their references.

Is this really an accurate portrayal of someone? Is that all there is to a person? Of course not. That’s what interviews are for. So why don’t all candidates for a job get an interview? The reasonable answer to that would be, “Time constraints”. But lets be unreasonable for a moment. Why take someone off of your list to interview because they haven’t worked for the past 6 months, or they don’t have as many extracurriculars in school, or they only ever worked entry level positions? Do employers stop and think about why some of these things may be the way they are? And do you really want to limit yourself to only a few candidates who have amazing resumes, but, in the end, may just be sucky in person? I’m not saying everyone who has awesome resumes suck at interviewing or interacting with people, but that also doesn’t mean that people who have resumes that would be graded with an “F” won’t be just the person you are looking for.

So it makes sense for an employer to “judge a book by it’s cover”. But it ends there… That thinking doesn’t boil over to other areas of our lives, right? Well, I can tell you from experience that I have done it countless times. Admit it, you all have too. We pass judgement on people we don’t even know. We’re told not to, but we do anyways. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but more often than not, we may be missing out on knowing an amazing and wonderful person. I will, however, continue to judge. It’s human nature. I will try not to, but I know it’s inevitable. It’ll happen over and over again. And I’ll do it with more than just people too. I’ll do it to books, movies, TV shows, and more. And I’ll be missing out. And I know that not all “good” covers are going to lead to good stories. So I’ll learn. And I’ll grow. And I’ll judge. Then I’ll repeat the process.

I’m not perfect, but I try to make that my cover. That’s all I want people to see. I know a lot of people do the same thing. They project a cover that is nothing like the story. And while that’s not a good thing, I think we all learn a little bit more about ourselves when we do this. And that, my friends, is a good thing.


Flailing About

I feel as if I should be updating this more often… But my life has recently encountered a lot of changes, and I’ve either been trying to keep busy, or doing nothing (because who really wants to do something all the time?). Among these changes is me thinking in the long term. So, I’ve been flailing about trying to figure out who I am, what I want, and what God wants. It’s funny… A lot of people I know are in the same boat, but it still feels like I’m all alone in this sometimes. Like, can they really understand? The answer is of course they can. Just because minor things may be different, we’re all still trying to find ourselves.

I like to think I’m a special case though. We all are, in our own, unique ways (boy do I sound contradictory). But I’m special because I know too much about myself. I know so much, that I can’t pin down what I want to do. I know I want to travel, but I also want to be able to go home when I need to. I want to eat TONS of food, and I want to cook it all myself. But I also want to try authentic street food from all over the world. I want to write, act, sing (I know I can’t, but I’m not that bad… Am I?), and I want to play with dogs and cats all day. I want to educate, and learn. I want to serve, and be served (hey, who doesn’t?). I want to open my own little tea house. I want people all over the States (and the world) to try Coco’s Curry House by bringing it to them, or them to it. I want to live in warm weather, but feel the need to visit Alaska and Antarctica and Russia in the winter. I want to learn what it’s like to be a photographer, and I want to learn to work a video camera… You know, be on the film crew somewhere. I want to dispel myths, and crypozoolicgal creatures. Those, by the way, are creatures with no evidence they exist, like the yeti. I want to learn to fly a plane. I want to skydive for a living. And so much more.

So how do I do all of this? Surely it can’t be done all at once. I say at once because I know that people can do all that and more during a lifetime, and I don’t want to count myself out. So what do I do first? Where do I need to go first? Where does God want me? Honestly, I have no idea. I’m still flailing about, running around in circles. Sometimes, I want to go get my Masters, but in what? And sometimes, I just want to go out and do something, but what? How can I really know that what I feel and what I want, are right? So here I am. On the precipice. Ready to jump… Kind of. I don’t know why I’m jumping, I just know that when I do, I’ll find out. I hope. Maybe? All I know is that I need to jump. Figuratively, of course.

So watch out world. Here I come… Not knowing what I’m doing, but you can be sure, I’ll be doing it with a ferocity unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Oh yeah, and I’ll be updating this a little more often. 🙂