As those of you on Facebook already know, I am training for my very first half-marathon. This is going to be the first step in my journey to completing triathlons. This year, I’ll be running the Columbus Half-Marathon, next year I will be running the full Columbus Marathon. The following year, I hope to be a part of a relay team for a triathlon, and then doing a whole one by myself the year after that. Yes. I am crazy. I know. But I’ve come to learn a lot about myself through this week of training I’ve already done.

What have I learned? Well, I remembered why I loved running so much in middle school and high school. I remembered what it felt like to run without a big brace on my knee or not being able to walk afterwards. I remembered the free feeling I get while running where I want and how fast I want and how long I want. I remembered the push I get at the end to finish strong. I remembered getting too hot to continue, getting sick, getting hurt, but loving it nonetheless. I remembered how much thinking I got done. I remembered my first run across Hargus dam and having the rookie prank pulled on me (I got “shoved” down the hill… I obviously didn’t actually fall, but it gave me a heart attack). I remembered running up the boat ramp to the lake. I remembered running around the lake and getting hit by a large branch that came swinging out of no where. I remembered finally getting into the top 6 on my team on the hottest race of the year. I remembered the disappointment when I couldn’t run my first couple of years of high school. I remembered replacing it with tennis and loving tennis. I remembered mom’s pepperoni rolls and forgetting how much I loved running. I remembered running again my senior year and struggling with vocal cord dysfunction. I remembered running again in college, only to be deterred by a hairline fracture on my foot. Then again by a soft tissue tear.

I have had to relearn a lot of things too. Basic form, how to pace myself, breathing patterns, ect. But it is so worth it. I love the feeling I get while running. And after running. I always feel so… Confident. Strong. Incredible. It’s an amazing feeling. You see, when I feel confident, I stress and worry less. I am a woman, I stress and worry a lot. But, now, I just go for a run and my head is clear. I get things sorted out. I feel calm and peaceful.

There are a few things that have made my training so much easier. The biggest one is my dad. He is always there telling me how awesome I am and how he is so proud of me. We’re doing this together and I am learning a lot from him. He’s such a huge encouragement. My mom is also telling me all the time just how amazed she is at how well I am doing, especially so recently after a foot surgery. She doesn’t realize I get a lot of my crazy and orneriness strength and determination from her, as well as dad. You could say both of them are a little… Stubborn… Haha. And then there is Sam. Sam is a great friend of mine who I look up to in more ways than one. He’s been encouraging me in ways that family members can’t. When your mom tells you you’re awesome, it just doesn’t sink in. When a friend tells you the same thing, you are king of the world. His simple act of “liking” my post on Facebook or his comment can just get me so pumped. I don’t know why, but his comments and “likes” have had a powerful impact on me.

So now join me on my journey to completing the 13.1 miles I will be running on October 16th. It will be a crazy ride. The extreme heat has taken it’s toll on me and I know my runs can only improve from here, but I will also still have a bad run or two before the race. And I’m OK with that. Because at least I am running again. I am finally back to being me. And being me is a great thing for me to be.


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