The Great Purge

I’m going through a purging phase. It started today. I’ve been purging things from my computer and my iPhone. Like, everything. Music, apps, friends on Facebook, old papers, ect. It feels so freeing getting rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t want anymore. Or need. I should have probably focused on my physical possessions first… But I’m feeling lazy today. So I did what I could with just sitting down in front of my computer. I’ll tackle my clothes and whatnot next weekend. Yeah. That sounds like a plan.

Now you should know, when I purge, I really purge. I think I deleted about half of my music… Which now means I am looking for new stuff. I’m in a rock kind of phase. Like, the good classic stuff. Think Poison and Alice Cooper. But I’m also really into country. Like, today’s country. Which isn’t real country if you ask me. I don’t know why, but this summer has had some spectacular country songs. Oh, and a little bit of Irish punk rock. So I have to go and find some music! I already got a new station on Pandora for Flogging Molly and another one for 2ne1. Who is none of the above, but I’m still really enjoying. Maybe I’ll go through my phone’s contacts and delete some of those too… Now, I’m off to do more purging!


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