Sleepless Nights

What! Two posts in one week! I’m on a roll! Haha.

So I can’t sleep. I should be able to. Haven’t slept much for the past two nights. Probably my wacky schedule. So what do I do when I can’t sleep? Bother mom. And organize things. And drink tea. And apparently write blog posts about not being able to sleep.

I’ve had a lot thrown on my plate these past couple of weeks. And something is going to have to give. Right now, it’s sleep. But soon, I will be much less stressed. So I will be able to sleep more. I mean, I have some pretty major life-changing decisions to make eventually. Like, what am I going to actually do with my life? Wait a minute… I think I’ve written about this before… Moving on then.

So that big purge that was supposed to happen? Yeah… Not quite yet. My days off were quite eventful. So I didn’t want to waste time on getting clothes all packaged up for Goodwill and whatnot. But I do have a vision for my room. A more complete vision that is… It will eventually be perfect. And then I’ll probably change my mind again. That’s what always happens. Haha.

I need to stop buying books. I think I may have a serious problem. Like, I have no time to read, but I want to buy more and more and more. Now, most of the books at the top of my “buy” list are classics that I either have read before and loved or know I will love. Or are the next book in a series. I also keep an eye out for a good cookbook or two. Haven’t found any lately though. Maybe I should try cooking out of one of the ones I already have first… Oh yeah. I don’t have the time for that right now. Sheesh. My days really are packed…

Wake up at 5, leave for work at 5:40, work 7-3, get home at 4, snack, run, eat, bathe, go to bed by 9. Yup. That’s pretty much my day… Busy, busy, busy.

Looking around my room as I type this, I’m beginning to form a list in my head of things I need to do on my day off. Cleaning this up and finding a new place for things (since I’m ever so slightly ADD) is certainly on there. And getting rid of about 1/5 of it too. Oh yes. Next weekend will be a good one for Goodwill. Ooo… And sanding down the mirror that I got at that yardsale and repainting it. And cleaning my car inside and out. And… OK. I’ll stop there.

Well, this was a rambly post. Oh well. This is what happens when I can’t sleep! Haha!


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