Gandalf and Cider

Laurelville Apple Cider is back! You have no idea how excited I am. It is, without a doubt, the best in the world. Like, I have never tasted anything that comes close. Nothing. You should try it if you can. 🙂

In other news, I am reading the first book of Lord of the Rings. I have finally gotten to the exciting stuff, so the reading is going much faster. And I just read something that made me think of myself. Now, I have a pretty intimate knowledge of the movies, but this is the first time I’m reading the books. And I know this is probably the most popular quote of all three books, but I just really feel like it applies to me and my life right now. Now, let’s all say it together… “Not all who wander, are lost.” Yeah, yeah. Cheesy. Corny. Over-used. Whatever. It’s me. I’m a wanderer right now. Well, I was. Now I finally have a path before me that I know I want to take. But, it has been a journey. And it will continue to be a journey. But I was never lost. I was always going somewhere, and I always had a purpose. I just had too many options and I wasn’t confident enough to take one. But I have chosen. And it wasn’t something where I put all my options on a dart board and threw darts. No. I thought, I prayed, I consulted, and I went with what I felt most strongly about.

I am going into Student Affairs. I miss it. I wish I had gone straight through after getting my undergrad and getting my Master’s. But I didn’t. And now I know I had a lot of learning and growing I needed to do before I made that move. And I know that this is where I need to be. Yes, I won’t be traveling much… But there are universities all over the world that I could work for. I will literally be able to move anywhere in the world (that has a university) and be able to find a job there. Of course, if they don’t have any openings, that would make things difficult. Haha. But I also probably wouldn’t move there without a job. Because every now and then, I am practical.

So there. I was never lost. I was busy weighing my options. I wander still, but not with career choice. Now I’m in the process of choosing a college to get my Master’s at, and if I’ll be staying in Ohio or moving out of my home state. Things like that. And I’m at the very beginning of this process, so I’ll be wandering here a while. But never will I be lost. Mainly because I’ll have my family and friends helping me and guiding me. And, of course, I’ll be consulting God on a regular basis.


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