I know I’ve said I would be updating this more often this year… But I just don’t have any inspiration right now. I’m working on a post, but I kind of want to wait on it for a little while. You’ll know why when I post it. It’s a very special post. A very exciting one. So for now, this post will at least let you know that I have not abandoned this blog or forgotten or anything. I’m just feeling a little worn out, run down, and uninspired to post. Maybe I need to start running more… Probably… Yeah. I gotta get back into running. It’s hard when it is dark by the time you get home and you don’t have a gym to go to… Or you do have a gym, but it’s a bit of an pain to get to because it is clear across town. And I really just want to run outside. I love running outside. Just… Not in the dark! Haha!

So yeah, I’m around, I’m just… Tired. I need a breather. A change up. And I think running will do just that.

You know what’s crazy? I feel more run down at this job working 40 hours a week in an office than at the airport where I worked 50 plus hours a week walking around, and was outside a lot. Crazy… I guess I really am a mover and a shaker. Probably why I want to work in Student Affairs. So many good opportunities everyday to get up, go out, and move!


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