Personal Statement

I always find writing professional papers difficult; my writing style is more suited for a blog. My one-take first attempts always look like I’m having a conversation. Does that make me a bad writer? Of course not. It just makes it more difficult for someone who has more power than I do to take me seriously. Take, for example my first shot at writing a personal statement about what I want to do in graduate school and why. I’m applying at The University of Toledo for fall semester to get my Master’s in Higher Education with a focus on Student Affairs. Here it is, in it’s entirety.


“Thus far in my life, I have had many career desires. When I was a child, I knew I was going to be a cowgirl or a princess. Then, I knew I was going to be an Olympic swimmer. Then I knew I was going to be a marine biologist or an archeologist.  More recently, I knew I was going to be a teacher. That was, until I found myself immersed in student affairs, and loving it. I found it challenging, exciting, creative, and so much fun. I excelled in it.


“I was a resident advisor at The University of Toledo, in an all first-year student residence hall. I constantly looked forward to figuring out different ways to get my residents involved, and actually lead to a few of them becoming resident advisors themselves! I was far from a perfect resident advisor, and sometimes would let the stress of the job get to me. I was lucky enough, however, to have the support of the other resident advisors and the hall director and graduate assistant hall director to get me through those times.


“Now that I have had a few years off, I have come to realize how much I miss everything about student affairs and housing. I catch myself yearning to go back to school, to get into student affairs, and to finally find a career that will be my last. No more job-hopping, no more changing my mind. I’ve grown up, matured, and know what I want. I want to work with college students in a non-academic setting. More specifically, I have a desire to work with international students. Bringing them in, helping them settle, helping them get connected, and being there for them throughout their stay, however long it may be. Eventually, I hope to be an overseas recruiter or liaison between sister universities; organizing exchange programs, trips. I also hope to increase general awareness of how important it is to help students broaden their horizons and give them the chance to explore and travel.


“There is so much more to a student’s university experience than just the classes they take. I want to help students make the most of everything else and have a complete university adventure. I want students to be excited about campus events and programs. I want students to explore, change their minds, try new things, and discover who they are. I want students to get involved and stay involved. I want to be student affairs. I will be student affairs.”


Good right? Just not quite… Up to snuff. That’s why I have my support system to back me up and help me out. I know what I want to convey, I just don’t know how to word it all the time. Oh well. I’ll get better. I’ll start writing more eloquently, and I’ll just keep my “conversation” style to my blog. It’d be kind of like having two different identities… Kind of like schizophrenia… (And I just spelled that correctly in one shot. Sweet!) So stay tuned and I’ll post the personal statement that I end up turning into the University and you can see how different my style is!


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