Statement of Purpose, Take Two

So, here is a revised draft of my statement of purpose… In case you’re interested. This is what it looks like after much help from my mom and my best friend, Janine… And… The power is going out… Weird… Anyways, feel free to check out what I look like as a slightly more “professional” writer.

“Choosing a career path has been regarded by most as an intense, and on-going process, myself included. As a child, I knew that a future as a princess or a cowgirl would suit me. In high school, my focus shifted and I thought I was going to swim for the USA in the Olympics; then I thought I would enjoy marine biology or archeology. More recently, I thought my future consisted of teaching. Then, as if designed by fate, I found myself immersed in student affairs; I absolutely loved it. I found it challenging, exciting, creative, dynamic, and so rewarding. I excelled in it. Suddenly, the blinders were off.

“For two and a half years, I worked as a resident advisor at The University of Toledo in a first year student residence hall. I was constantly on the lookout for different ways to get my residents involved, including taking them to football games, eating dinner with them, and introducing several of them to a couple of organizations I participated in. I even led a few of them to become resident advisors themselves!

“After a few years working away from residence life, I have come to realize how much it, and student affairs, means to me. I catch myself yearning to go back to school, to obtain a Master’s degree, and to find a career that will change and grow with me. I want to work with students in a non-academic setting. More specifically, I want to work with international students. Welcoming them, helping them settle and get connected, and supporting them throughout their stay, however long it may be. I am fortunate enough to have a few years of Japanese language learning under my belt, and hope to eventually be a recruiter or liaison between sister universities in Japan and the US. The thought of organizing exchange programs, trips, and increasing general awareness of the importance of students broadening their horizons excites me. I believe that the experience and education from The University of Toledo will help me achieve these dreams.

“No one would argue that the university’s first goal is to provide an education, however, there is a reason they offer so much more. I want to help students make the most of everything and have a complete university adventure. I want students to succeed in their studies, their social lives, and encourage them to learn and grow on their own and with the help of their peers. I want to see students excited about campus events and programs, explore, change their minds, try new things, and discover who they are meant to be. I want students to get, and stay, involved. I want to help these students achieve their dreams. I want to be student affairs.”

So there you have it. What I want to do. There will be a final draft, and I’ll upload that one too. Just because I’m boring like that. Haha! Then it will be back to my regular, boring, blogging self. 🙂


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