The Sunshine State

I know it’s been a while, and I promised more posts, but to be honest, nothing too exciting is happening. But this week, I have been in Florida, and it has been a great week! It stormed a few times, and those were spectacular. And it was sunny other times, and that was also incredible. And it was cool and cloudy other times, and those times were also great. But, enough about the weather…

The trip was great! We left late Friday night and drove through the night. We stopped a few times so dad could nap. Then, mom took over, I was moved up front, and dad sat in the back so he could nap even more… Not that he did… Mom’s driving scares him! We took a “scenic” route through Florida… And by “scenic”, I mean it was full of dilapidated buildings and yard sales and a heavy machinery graveyard… We did see a sign that said, “We sell dead people’s things”… That was… Interesting… Took a picture of it! I would post it, but I dropped my phone in the ocean and had to reboot from my last backup… Which was the day before I dropped it, but my phone and computer thinks it was back in September…

When we got to the beach house, we were all VERY pleased! It was gorgeous! The pool and hot tub in the back made up for it being a little far from the beach. And I got my own room! On my own floor! With my own bathroom! That was great! I got all unpacked and took a good long nap… Until dad started playing with the speakers and the TV downstairs and ended up BLASTING them… Then, Liz, Royce, and the girls showed up. After the girls went to bed, we got to test the hot tub… And it was AMAZING!

The next couple of days consisted of a few storms and some trips into St. Augustine to do some shopping and get some good food. We found this amazing little jewelry shop called I Need Everything J.R. Benet, and after 4 trips, I finally decided on what to get! A bracelet I had been coveting for a while. Then, I came across a new display of Firefly jewelry… And I was mesmerized! All the pieces were BEAUTIFUL! I ended up getting an adorable pair of earrings as well. I’m very happy with that purchase. We also stopped at the outlet mall and I was able to get two pairs of Sperrys’! A pink leopard print pair and a red, white, and blue plaid pair of flip-flops. Finally! Fashion that I can wear while it’s still in style everywhere (and not just Ohio)!

The beach was great as well! We got to tan and boogie board! I may have had to tell mom and Liz when to catch the waves, but it was still a lot of fun! Everyone wiped out at least once, but it didn’t matter, everyone loved it. Annelise warmed up to the ocean after she watched Liz and Royce boogie boarding. She ran all over gathering shells and jumping in the waves that came ashore. She was SUCH a happy camper! Maribelle loved eating the sand. It was just about the best thing that has ever happened to her!

I came out a little burned on the backs of my arms and the sides of my legs, but not too bad. Not bad enough that it hurts. Although the burn on the top of my head (blonde hair is NOT a very good sun shield) hurts quite a bit… Oh well! I got a good tan as well!

And now, I’m here in the Orlando airport, waiting to go home. Only 3.5 more hours of waiting. Luckily, a family from Ireland has sat next to me and the little boy is very entertaining. He is loving watching the planes take off and land! There’s a spa place in this area I might visit… Get my nails done… But then again, it’ll probably cost an arm and a leg… It IS in the airport after all… Ah well. That’s it for my adventures for now. I’ll update again soon to post some pictures from my trip!


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