What do you do?

What do you do when someone so young is taken from you so suddenly?

What do you do when the news is too hard to bear?

What do you do when one you loved so dearly is gone?

What do you do when they were just so young?

What do you do when life is so unfair?

What do you do when God’s plan is so different from your own?

What do you do when you have questions that just can’t be answered?

What do you do when your family is so broken?

What do you do?

These are questions that I wish no one has to ask, but many do. Including myself. Today, my 24 year old cousin passed away. Suddenly. With no warning. One I loved dearly. One I had so much fun with. One I can’t imagine Christmas and family reunion without. He was such a joy. A kind heart. A loving son. A great brother. A doting uncle. And so much more.


I sit in shock, still unable to absorb the news. I can’t believe I’ll never hear your voice again or see your smile. We had so many good times together; I am so blessed to have known you so well and have spent so much time with you. I only wish we could have had many more years together. Remember how we used to put on plays for the grownups? Ok, so I MAY have made you… And remember playing Pretty Pretty Princess? And going through all those giant toy catalogues? And crawling behind the couch during hide and seek? Remember when Lauren broke the window and tried to blame it on you and Jordan? Remember setting up those Hot Wheel tracks in the basement? And the first year we had a water balloon launcher? And playing with all of grandma’s Beanie Babies? Remember all those great times? I will hold them dearly in my heart. I love you so much. I miss you so much.



2012 is over and 2013 has begun! Once again, I’d like to do some resolutions, so after much thought and prayer, here is what I’ve come up with!

Resolution #1: Join a gym! Even though some gyms are extremely expensive, there are cheaper ones out there! And, I’ll be more likely to go during cold weather. You see, I’m not really a fan of the cold. Or snow. So going for a run in it just isn’t going to happen.

Resolution #2: No tech night! One day a week will be dedicated to being technology free! Now, I’ll be able to use a camera to capture those nights and I can call someone, but I won’t be on Facebook, Instagram, watching TV, ect.

Resolution #3: Pay off more debt! Student loans are killer, and the sooner I get them paid off, the better! This also means that I’ll likely be taking up a second job somewhere. Part time, on evenings and weekends. Which means my social life will suffer, but as Dave Ramsey says, “Live today like no one else, so later you can live like no one else!”

Resolution #4: Smile more! I think smiling and saying “hi” to people makes for a pretty good quality of life. Plus, you might just meet someone new, make someone’s day, or make them smile too! “Smiling’s my favorite!” – Buddy, the elf.

There you have it! My 2013 resolutions! Obviously, I didn’t keep some of my 2012 ones, but I think these ones are reasonable, and totally doable! So, bring on 2013!